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Restless Study

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Restless Study will be a 3 day workshop/ research project as part of LADA's DIY 2020 series. It will take place at the ICA in July 2021. 

Restless Study will be a space for people to study which privileges restlessness and distraction over focus and concentration. We will generate, manipulate and circulate objects of study, including text, conversation, image, action, movement, and beyond. We will throw off the shackles of goal-oriented education to reclaim study as a vital, liberatory mode of being in dialogue with others.


Restless Study exceeds the institution, privileges the common, is radically open-ended, is forever in dialogue, and is tilted towards the insurgent and the revolutionary. It is restless because we are restless: fed up of knowledge creation being weighed down by privatised debt, atomisation, depression and anxiety. We want our study back and we want it now!

This DIY will be for anyone who has conflicted feelings about study, and who wants to explore alternative modes of thinking and doing for-its-own-sake, between and beyond the realms of education and artistic practice. You might be: a one-time student, a doubtful lecturer, a frustrated artist, a secret theorist, a blocked-up writer, a high-school dropout, a wannabe insurgent, a tongue-tied activist, or just someone who wants to study, with others, for pleasure.

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