All The Way Down

All The Way Down image.jpg

All The Way Down is a new solo research project.


All The Way Down starts from 2 ways of thinking about a total transformation in the present state of things:


1. Burning: an intense process of material transformation which emits vast amounts of heat and light and leaves no trace of what was previously present.


2. Appliqué: the process of sewing one piece of fabric on top of another - constructing or transforming something through a potentially infinite process of addition.


These 2 metaphors will help me generate scores for dancing which both construct new kinds of presence and transform old ones. If we are constructed as individuals and as a society, “all the way down”, it might be possible to transform and be transformed entirely; again and again and again.


September 2020 at Capel y Graig, Ceredigion, Wales

January 2022 at Dance4, Nottingham