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All The Way Down / Visions

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All The Way Down / Visions is two research projects in one, straddling a global pandemic. Together, they ask how dancing can address the future, and a desire for a total transformation in the present state of things.


All The Way Down starts from 2 ways of thinking about transformation:


1. Burning: an intense process of material transformation which emits vast amounts of heat and light and leaves no trace of what was previously present.


2. Appliqué: the process of sewing one piece of fabric on top of another - constructing or transforming something through a potentially infinite process of addition.


These 2 metaphors help me generate scores for dancing which both construct new kinds of presence and transform old ones. If we are constructed as individuals and as a society, “all the way down”, might it be possible to transform and be transformed entirely, again and again and again?

Visions, which evolved out of All The Way Down, looks at choreographic practices as ways of seeing, knowing, intuiting, imagining, remembering, predicting, projecting and hallucinating. How and what does dance allow us to see and know? Using dancing and writing, I explore the relationship between truth and falsehood, memory and prophecy, past and future, fiction and reality; using the imaginary to probe and disrupt our collective sense of what is possible.


All The Way Down, September 2020 at Capel y Graig, Ceredigion, Wales

               ->  Read some writing I did on this residency

Visions, January 2022 at Dance4, Nottingham

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